Unveiling the Room Particulate Matter Sensor

Greystone Energy Systems Inc., a Canadian based, globally recognized manufacturer of HVAC Sensors and Transducers for Building Automation Management Systems (BMS), has expanded its extensive product portfolio with the launch of a new Room Particulate Matter Sensor.

The new PMRMC Particulate Matter Sensor uses an optical sensor based on laser scattering principles and features innovative contamination resistance technology to perform highly accurate and reliable PM measurements. The replaceable sensor measures particles of PM2.5 and PM10 and has a continuous-operation lifetime of more than eight years.

The sensor will provide long-term reliability and high-resolution particle size binning for the detection of environmental dust and other particles. Available features include an LCD display, Tri-color LED indication, Analog or BACnet® or Modbus Communication.

The product comes with a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Greystone Energy Systems manufactures a complete line of HVAC-BMS peripheral sensors and transducers to monitor temperature, humidity, dewpoint, enthalpy, pressure, IAQ – VOC’s, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, as well as condensation prevention and water leak detection. Greystone also provides industry specific sensors for such applications as greenhouses, and more. All products come with Made in Canada quality and reliability.

Trust in the Greystone brand Greystone has manufactured HVAC sensors and transmitters for more than 30 years for building and energy management systems. The company’s expertise in sensors and custom design engineering capability has complemented many original equipment manufacturers for building automation and direct digital control.

Distributors, contractors and facility engineers have trust in the Greystone brand delivering quality-assured and competitively-priced products to their commercial and light industrial projects.

Greystone is also one of North America’s largest ISO registered manufacturers of HVAC sensors and transmitters.

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