Hepworth Extends Its Range With Dacta

Over the course of the past four decades, Hepworth has been successfully leading the integrated piping systems market, fulfilling the requirements of the building, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Hepworth’s quality products have been supplied to the most prestigious projects in the UAE as a result; and now, the company’s management team are proud to announce it is expanding its product range with a host of piping systems under the brand name ‘Dacta’.

The Dacta range includes:

Dacta Therm – PPR piping systems for hot and cold-water applications, produced locally in the company’s factory and available in green colour.

Dacta - PVC-U solvent cement system for drainage application. The company now offers both push fit and solvent cement systems for drainage and soil, and waste applications; with a full range of floor gullies.

Dacta Silent Piping System – An additional new range of product smanufactured by Hepworth which will be available soon to complement the low noise drainage system.


This latest range complements an existing proposition which include the manufacture and marketing of integrated piping systems to the civil and building construction sectors.

The business was established more than 40 years ago in Dubai and now manufactures pipes and fittings in three locations in the UAE, one location in Qatar, and another one in Oman. In addition, Hepworth trades through operating companies in Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and exports throughout the MENA region.

The cornerstone of Hepworth’s policy is “Quality Without Compromise”. The Quality Assurance Laboratory of Hepworth is equipped with state-of-the art equipment and is staffed with trained quality control inspectors. The laboratory performs ‘round the clock’ testing on products manufactured to ensure that quality is guaranteed. A continuous rigorous type test program is carried out including process verification and long-term pressure testing to ensure a fullest commitment to the highest industry standards.

Hepworth ensures quality requirements of the client are met at every stage. Manufacturing and Fabrication Hepworth has manufacturing units in Qatar, Rashidiya (Dubai), and Dubai Investment Park; employing more than 450 staff in the region.

The subsequent product count amounts to more than 35,000 products/ From a Fabrication perspective, Hepworth GRP fittings and joints are suitable for a range of applications for chemicals, water and effluents, seawater and other fluids.

All are manufactured to DIN/BS/ASTM/ JIS/AS/ASME/AWWA/ standards and can be manufactured up to 1,200 mm diameter.

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