Made in Italy, Exported Worldwide

PEDESTAL LINE is the complete range of supports and accessories for the creation of outdoor raised floors. Thanks to the height range from 10 to 1,020 mm and an unlimited selection of specific heads for ceramic, stone and decking floors, the system created by Impertek Srl is the most complete on the market, with high quality products completely Made in Italy; from planning to realization with recycled and recyclable material.

Essential tools to expand the design potential of architects and professionals, PEDESTAL LINE products are used on terraces, poolsides, walkways on roofs, hanging gardens and buildings in urban spaces.

The latest news of the range is the RAIL SYSTEM - aluminium joists that act as sliding rails with special heads for laying floors of any shape and size ceramic tiles, even long and tight, decking and multi-layer laying. The maximum stability and the perfect levelling guarantee an impeccable final floor, easy and quick to lay. Rail System characterizing elements are the aluminium joists which lay on specific adjustable supports. Hooked to these aluminium planks, the Top Rail AS heads slide and, with a 120 mm diameter, they support any format of stoneware boards. The rubber which covers the heads creates a non-slip surface which allows for easy and quick installation.

The upper tabs could be 2 or 4 mms thick according to the desired grout line. Rail System could be installed on any stable surface, removing slopes; saving time and ensuring a perfect result.

IMPERTEK has been present in the market for more than 30 years. Research and attention to details underlies its core business: the development of PEDESTAL LINE. Thanks to a constant strive for innovation, this Italian example of excellence has conquered worldwide markets by exporting its products in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Great attention has always been focused on the environment, with all components of PEDESTAL LINE made from recycled and recyclable materials.

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