An Ongoing Commitment to Quality

JNF Architectural Hardware has been showcasing its innovative products. Visiting all the way from Portugal, the company is primarily highlighting its main activity – the production of hardware for furniture and building construction.

Over the past few years, JNF has devoted particular and special attention to the development of hardware that addresses trends in contemporary architecture.

As a result, the organisation has contributed to a number of sectors, not just through the ultimate product range, but also through its levels of innovation.

Paying special attention to research and product development, JNF has become a pioneer in its sector in Portugal, and now internationally; a natural platform to showcase this evolution this week.

Progressing ever since 1965 in response to the continuous adaptation of economic and market challenges, the company’s commitment to quality is as strong as ever today; constantly striving to ensure utmost service and assistance standards for customers.

JNF’s vast array of products include:

• Lever and pull handles and accessories
• Hinges and pivots
• General hardware
• Sliding and folding door systems
• Glass hardware
• Furniture hardware
• Locks
• Cylinders
• Electromagnetic and Electro mechanical devices
• Panic exit devices
• Door closers
• Signage
• Access control systems
• Bathroom accessories
• Sanitary booth hardware
• Wire rope and fittings

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