Innovative Adhesives with Kaneka Ms Polymertm



Kaneka, the Japanese chemical company renowned for the development of the Kaneka MS PolymerTM, remains a key supplier for producers of semi‐structural adhesives and high demanding strong sealants.

The Kaneka MS PolymerTM is widely recognized as the premium choice of base resin for producing sealants, adhesives and coatings used in a broad variety of markets such as construction, automotive, transportation, flooring, waterproofing and DIY among others.

MS PolymerTM-based adhesives and sealants have unique properties such as long-term elasticity and recovery and excellent resistance to natural weathering such as UV, high temperatures and high moisture environments. That makes it ideal for use in hot and wet climate regions. The glues are solventand isocyanate-free and meet the strictest health and environmental standards.

Kaneka’s latest development revolves around high strength technology which allows customers to produce harder adhesives with a tensile strength of 8 megapascal and more; all the while maintaining elastic behaviour. Mechanical fixation can be replaced by this semi structural adhesive, forming an elastic joint between different substrates. MS PolymerTM-based adhesives and sealants are already a success in Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Middle East due to its unique ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, from very cold in Eastern Europe to extremely hot in the Middle East.

With more than 40 years of experience, Kaneka continues to guide existing customers through their development of new products as well as new customers as they begin their own production.

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