Smart Home Technology


It is the result of deep researches arising from a simple question: “how could we improve the comfort of people in their bathrooms?” The answer to this question is based on the concept of Smart Home Technology. Home automation, often called “Smart Home Technology”, is the use of technology to automate your home devices in order to allow you to control almost every aspect of your life at home through the Internet of Things.

This trend, which began only a few years ago, has developed into one of the largest growing markets in the world.

The Kariba K-Plate is completely made in Italy and features a highly customizable design in order to fit harmoniously into any bathroom, elevating its aesthetics; but its outstanding feature is that it offers important and innovative possibilities.

Thanks to the touchless technology it is possible to activate rinsing by touching slightly the specific sensors, making the plate easy to clean and its use much more hygienic.

Downloading the Kariba application, it is also possible to modify the aesthetics of the product in real time, choosing the colours of the lights to fit better into the atmosphere of the bathroom.

Future and possible applications are countless and it’s all possible thanks to the powerful computer enclosed in each plate: it constitutes the true technological core of K-Plate and it’s in constant development.

The possible applications also include the possibility to rinse remotely and to program a hygienic rinse. In addition, K-Plate allows to reach the world of Health Care and aids for disabled people, with the capability to monitor vital parameters, to record them and to send safety notifications to an emergency contact.

Of course, the concern for the environment that distinguishes Kariba’s products remains firm, with a reduced water consumption that allows to save from 3 to 4.5 litres of water at each flush.

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