The Natural Choice

With craftsmanship knowledge from generations of quarrying, Lundhs AS has brought its extensive experience.

Lundhs AS was founded by Thor Lundh in 1962 and remains owned by the Lundh and Treschow family to this day. As such it is Norway’s leading exporter of natural stone.

Most known among its vast product and service range is the unique Larvikite, only found in the south of Norway.

Larvikites, from the Lundhs AS Real Stone range have been used in many well-known landmarks around the world, from tall buildings in New York, to shopfronts in London, famous hotels and stylish kitchens.

All Lundhs Real Stone materials can be traced from quarry to end-user and every material comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Lundhs quarrying traditions go back more than 100 years, ensuring reliability, stability and quality for our customers. We are currently operating in eight quarries, most located within the area of Larvik in the southeast of Norway. We also have one quarry in Sirevåg, located on the west coast of Norway. All our quarries in Norway are ISO 14001 certified.

From this platform, Lundhs has become the largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe. We extract rough blocks of high-quality stones from our own quarries in Norway and export our materials to stone factories around the world.

In close cooperation with selected partners around the world, we promote our products to professionals and end users under the Lundhs Real Stone® brand. All of our stones are registered trademarks.


As the largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe, there comes a level of expectation among customers who are never disappointed. Lundhs’ portfolio consists not just of Larvikite but also Anorthosite and a selection of granite from Palin Granit in Finland.

As a result of our extensiveness, we have become the ‘natural choice’ for the region.

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