New Generation Insulation and Fire Protection


In its practical form, Thermoluxx is a Swiss thermal liquid insulation and fire protection nanotechnology coating looking to save energy in the market; but its complexity delves much further as an evolution from technology developed for space travel.

Our scientists are responsible for the interplay of millions of tiny ceramic hollow spheres with a swellable binder that makes possible, for the first time, a coating substance that protects the underlying substance from heat, cold and moisture all year round in any room climate and any weather condition.

In addition to their efficient insulating and moisture-regulating properties, Thermoluxx coatings also offer effective and reliable protection against corrosion and UV radiation.

Thermoluxx coatings can also be used for extreme scenarios such as insulation against heat radiation from heating pipes or also against cold radiation from cooling pipes.

Thermoluxx coatings can be applied to surfaces of almost any shape and composition (glass, concrete, ceramic, metal, wood and plastic), therefore making them suitable for a wide range of applications too; from buildings and hotels in the construction sector; cars, buses, trains and ships in the transportation sector; to a whole host of industrial plants, tanks pipes and petroleum facilities.

Low thermal conductivity, triple thermal protection and 100% eco-friendliness are just a few of Thermoluxx’s differentiating characteristics, that have led to a plethora of industrial and scientific certifications from across Europe.

Essentially, whether it’s for thermal insulation, surface sealing, heat and cold protection, excellent humidity regulating, or even germ-reduced room climates; energy efficiency starts with insulation, and it starts with Thermoluxx.

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