Masts and Models Give NFT Cranes A Lift

NFT Cranes is showcasing its special Potain masts and models, while also promoting the latest development from Potain – the MDT 809.

The MDT 809 is one of the most significant Potain tower crane launches of recent times: Over the past 10 years we’ve seen consistent growth in demand for topless cranes, with customers benefiting from their fast assembly and compact design, which makes it easier to get more cranes onto a job site to complete work quicker.

Alongside this we’ve seen an increase in modular construction, with contractors needing to lift heavier loads. It’s clear to us that there is strong demand for bigger topless cranes, however we wanted to be sure that any new model we launch not only satisfied demand for greater capacity, but also preserved the easy transport, fast assembly and industry-leading performance our other topless cranes deliver.

The MDT 809 provides all that and more thanks to its greater cost-efficiency, higher speed assembly attributes, and higher overall performance.


Alongside the MDT 809 is the second groundbreaking crane from Potain - the MRH 125.

This innovative crane is the first in the European range to combine luffing jib and topless capabilities; and it also uses hydraulic power for the luffing movement, for greater efficiency. Maximum capacity for the crane is eight tonnes while the maximum jib is 50 metres, with a lift capacity of two tonnes at the jib end.

As with the MDT 809, Manitowoc has placed a strong emphasis on return on investment for owners. The crane has an adaptable design making it suitable for all kinds of congested urban job sites, while transport and assembly times have also been optimized.

Just four containers are required to transport the upper portion of the crane, with the counter jib and jib foot traveling as a single package.

The unique VVH hydraulic luffing mechanism and cylinders are pre-connected at the factory, meaning no assembly is required on site.

A further advantage over traditional luffing jib cranes is that the hydraulic power of the VVH mechanism means there is no requirement to also install luffing rope during installation. The hoisting winch, maintenance derrick and jib wind side plate are also preinstalled.

Plus, there is no need to adapt the wind-sail plate on site, no matter what length of jib the crane is erected with.

On-site the crane delivers outstanding operating performance, no matter how constrained the job site. The jib can be raised from the horizontal to near vertical (88°) in just two minutes, while the counterjib measures just seven metres and is simple to connect during assembly. The out-of-service weathervaning radius of just 10 metres, whatever the jib length, adds to its impressive features for tight job sites, while the cab has the option to attach to either side of the mast to suit project conditions.

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