Yuston: Niccons’ Flexible Addition to a 20-Year Legacy


Niccons Italy was established in 1998 with primary objectives being the design and implementation of components for refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The company has grown over the years with a principle of blending human values with technology in order to offer harmony and efficiency through its products. The result of this combination has been continuous improvement; innovation and creativity; honesty, fairness and integrity; customer satisfaction; and ultimately, a cooperation based on respect and trust.

Deals are an extremely important part of this philosophy as they have the potential to strengthen the level of integration of the individuals who are part of it, and to establish a trusting relationship with the external environment.

The company’s goal and main interest therefore is not only to give the customer an excellent service, but above all to transform relationships with customers into long-lasting ones based on trust and fairness.


As a result of this ethos, Niccons has extended its internal production range specializing in the following areas: conditioning, equipment, air treatment, heating and ventilation.

Production incorporates mono and biextrusion corrugation, iron molding, plastic molding, duct and pipe extrusion and rubber molding; and a primary product at present is Yuston – a multilayer polymer pipe that makes split connection so much easier.

Yuston helps clients achieve savings of up to 70 percent for the time required for the connection of an air conditioning system. Yuston is the thermoplastic multi-layer flexible pipe which can be used as the best alternative to copper pipe. Its flexibility is unrivalled, to the point you can even tie and untie it.

The innovation of Yuston is also measurable by its technical data: usable with all the most popular Freon gases on the market (including R32); it is resistant from -30°C to peaks of 130°C, and suitable for pressures up to 80 bar/1160 psi (certified for 100 bar/1450 psi).


Yuston’s positive characteristics continue - it is flexible; it fits to every curve and angle; it is lightweight, practical and fast to place into a channel or under trace; and the kit is already threaded and sized. Essentially, the system meets each and every installation requirement.


All lab tests for the product were conducted at the Giordano Institute of Rimini and at the CI Spa Institute in Bollate (MI); and to complete the certifications range, Yuston pipes have successfully achieved the TÜV Certificate, which guarantees perfect seal installation if carried out according to instructions given by Niccons. The Yuston KIT provides all the tools necessary to satisfy every installation need: cut it as you want and fit it in just an instant!

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