Celebrating 10 Years of Attendance at The Big 5


Officine Rigamonti is therefore tied to its history from its foundations in Valsesia, a small valley in Piedmont rich in producers of hydraulic valves. The desire to improve and to keep up with the times has pushed the company to go further and to cross borders, first into Europe, and then the world.

All this, accompanied by research, innovation and development, has brought the company to Dubai, as a representative of Made in Italy, with five complete product lines: pressure reducing valves, HVAC, components for water supply, fittings, and our Sunshine solar line.

The 65,000-plus professional visitors who will attend the event will be able to observe quality and production efficiency, optimization of resources and adaptation to the market, and see them reflected in the recent innovations presented over the last few years.

These include the Twist pressure reducing valve with diaphragm that, thanks to the ergonomic adjustment knob and three calibration scales, allows easy installation and handling of the product on a system. Furthermore, the 0621 static balancing valve which allows to distribute flow to the various users in a balanced manner, based on the different flow requirements, and maintaining maximum comfort and maximum energy efficiency. The knob used to set valve regulation includes a preset allowing to return to the initial value even after using the shut off function.

Another innovation is our differential pressure control valve (DPCV) which, thanks to its high sensitivity, keeps system pressure constant and equal to the preset value by measuring the pressure on the delivery branch and in the return branch. The regulation system also allows you to choose between two different setting intervals, one low from 5 ÷ 30 kPa and one high fro 25 ÷ 60 kPa.

The evolution never stops, affirming our firmly rooted values and passion for tradition.

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