Introducing World-Class Kio Manhole and Trench
Covers at the World's Greatest Show


Conference and Exhibition Centre (CoEx) will be the centre for Expo 2020 Dubai’s events, with Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) acting as the project’s client. Following the event, the Dubai Exhibition Centre will become one of the world’s largest cultural buildings.

In such a large centre there are 1,911.80 metres of service channels and 2,482 pits to be covered. For such a modern and ambitious project it is not possible to use conventional cast iron or metal covers. With an expected footfall of 25 million visitors, the noise generated by steps upon metal would be thunderous.

That’s why Dubai World Trade Centre, together with Woods Bagot and ALEC Engineering & Contracting LLC, have called upon Cannelle Holdings FZCO, distributor of KIO manhole covers, to realize a majestic plan together.


KIO manhole covers are made of Kinext ™, a totally innovative material that is as strong and resistant as cast iron, but very light. KIO was chosen for the availability of Polieco Group, the manufacturer, to adapt the product to the individual needs of the customer. In fact, Polieco Group has a technical and R&D department able to follow projects at every stage. DWTC requirements for the product were several: resistant to loads; safety features for visitors; adaptable to different service needs; and aesthetics for the structure.

More than 4,000 tailored pieces were subsequently produced in seven different forms for CoEx Expo 2020 Dubai. Magnets, chains and caps have been inserted while the R&D department has also developed a special anti-split surface to make both the passage for visitors and the placement of decorative carpets safe. Trenches and pit covers are part of the building’s architecture, and have further been designed to harmonize with the environment and follow the modern style. KIO manhole covers are manufactured in Italy and for this reason are fully customizable. And thanks to their many features it is possible to adapt and insert them in many avant-garde projects. Dubai is just one of the many cities in the world that is using Kinext™ to make its buildings and roads prestigious.

Find more technical information on this product at; knowing that if you can’t find what you’re looking for then Polieco Group will customize specifically for your bespoke project and needs.

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