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SCALAMID is a modern and innovative product in the form of panels based on mineral resources and natural fibres. It is offered in a wide range of dimensions, patterns, colours and structures. The material is highly flexible, thanks to which SCALAMID can be used not only on flat surfaces such as facades, internal walls or floors, but also on rounded architectural elements.

As such, the panel size (3200 x 1200mm) offers the market’s unparalleled coverage surface. The large dimensions are accompanied by surprisingly low weight of 16.8 kg/m2 at 8mm thickness, which translates into easier handling compared to other cladding materials of similar size ( e.g. natural stone ). Moreover, during the production phase, holes and locks are produced to speed up and facilitate the panel installation process.

SCALAMID, thanks to its flexibility, impact resistance and high abrasion resistance (AC5), is not susceptible to damage and chipping during transport, installation and daily use. Extremely durable, non-combustible (A1 fire class) and resistant to detergents and chemicals, SCALAMID leaves traditional competitors behind (e.g. stoneware, standard panels, wood panelling or natural stone).

The choice of SCALAMID panels for external cladding results in a reduction of maintenance and cleaning costs of the facade, which are limited only to cleaning the panel.

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