Mechatronic Lock for Rolling Shutters

Motron E6221 can be installed on the final leaf of motorized shutters, allowing pull-up, pull-down functionality of the shutter without worrying about the lock itself. It includes a synchronizer for the control unit as well as a limit switch and spiral cable.

A 12-volt lock operation, and 22-volt synchronizer operation; Motron E6221 can be interfaced with any control unit available on the market.

Advantages of the product includes comprehensive integration management of the motor which preserves system integrity; small size; ease of use and installation; compatibility; and the ability to open from both the inside and outside.


Prefer Srl has been a specialized operator in the development and production of locks, cylinders, keys and closing systems since 1941; serving the building and furnishing sectors.

Applications subsequently include:

• rolling shutters
• rolling and sliding window shutters
• overhead garage doors
• sectional garage doors
• folding gates
• automatisms and automations
• wooden and metallic furniture
• equipped walls
• industrial kitchens
• gas valves
• vending machines
• post-boxes

Additional specialized applications are built around a product range which includes:

• rim locks with a round cylinder
• rim locks with a European profile cylinder
• double bit rim locks
• mortise locks
• round brass cylinders
• European profile brass cylinders
• keys
• security padlocks
• locks with a changeable cylinder
• universal locks

Through such a comprehensive range, Prefer has established itself as a leading Italian producer; compounded by its 100 percent ‘Made in Italy’ promise, strong customizability, and a continuous improvement philosophy.

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