Transforming the Way Companies Connect, Track and Procure


Protenders showcases their eTendering solution which is set up to help decision-makers find the right partners, and the right projects. As such ProTenders is the only platform that combines an eTendering solution with project intelligence and company profiles in a single platform; making it unique in how much it can help streamline a complex industry.

When a company subscribes to our platform, they become part of the biggest community of companies in the GCC by maximising their presence in the market through the Company Visibility module where they can showcase their products and projects worked on.

To complement this, businesses can then tap into the intelligence module to track and win the right projects by going outbound and eventually be invited to bid directly through the eTendering solution of ProTenders – another module that allows bidding and all aspects of tendering online securely and efficiently.

The platform offers value to different functions within the construction industry and hence sets us apart from other tools on the market. ProTenders is continuously innovating and is driven by solving challenges in the construction industry; one being the lengthy and inefficient procurement processes engulfing the industry.

As a result, the next evolution we are codeveloping with our customers is a procurement solution that will simplify how contractors can research and procure construction products from suppliers and manufacturers for any kind of project, whether on-site or from their desk. With $35 billion worth of bids processed

ProTenders is bridging the gap to streamline procurement processes by addressing the need to find the right products for projects. ProTenders is uniquely positioned to solve this challenge because of the high numbers of contractors already using our platform, and indeed the manufacturers and suppliers who have products listed on the platform.


Incepted in 2009, today ProTenders has more than 18,000 member companies, tracks more than 30,000 projects, and has processed more than $35 billion worth of bids as evidence of its rise and its significance in a Gulf region that has similarly developed at speed.

However, at the heart of innovation and constant new developments, data for these projects are limited, and this poses a challenge in terms of project updates and potential contract wins. At ProTenders, we aim to transform the way AEC companies connect, track and procure. By combining an advanced bidding engine and construction big data, the platform simplifies how thousands of developers, consultants, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers around the world source new partners, identify and track new project opportunities, and streamline their procurement processes securely and efficiently.

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