Tectus Glass: Flush Mounting for Glass Doors


With hinge system TECTUS Glass, SIMONSWERK has developed an aesthetic and functional solution for the flush-fitting installation of glass doors.

For the very first time, the glass door leaf, frame, hinge and latching system lie in one plane - the best prerequisite for minimalist design in combination with maximum transparency. The TECTUS Glass’ aesthetically appealing hardware system totally strips away the classic appearance of glass doors.

TECTUS Glass maximises light and transparency, is almost invisible, and entails patented hinge technology that facilitates contemporary minimalistic concepts in interior design. As such it has already been awarded multiple international design prizes.

It’s not only the design that makes it so impressive either… It’s also the fact that they offer a secure load capacity of up to 80 kilograms, thus opening up new solutions for glass doors, particularly when it comes to property construction. Elegant design and a high load capacity are no longer mutually exclusive. It consists of the KC 50 closing magnet for installation in the frame and the KC 50/G magnetic plate that is fixed to the glass door.

The closing magnet is maintenance-free thanks to the permanent magnet effect and allows the retaining pressure to be set individually.

The coordinated KC 170 handles for use on timber, steel or aluminium frames complete the system to form an aesthetically pleasing, as well as functionally innovative unit.

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