Improving Health and Environmental Standards in Plumbing Design and Installation of Water Supply


The UAE’s construction industry is well established when it comes to compliance and advanced standards. However, with regard to the water supply and plumbing sector, there is still room for growth and improvement.

In the country, plastic piping products are still being used for water supply distributions within buildings, even though they are widely known to have a number of disadvantages.

Elsewhere, countries are limiting the use of plastic piping in favour of MLCP (multilayer composite pipes); a shift that has taken place within the last couple of decades due to increasing awareness of both health and environmental risks caused by traditional plastic piping.

With health and the environment now two key industry differentiators, the significance of MLCPs cannot be overstated.


From an energy and plumbing perspective, SuperPipe’s MLCP range features, in comparison to conventional plastic systems, a host of influential characteristics. These include: compliance with the highest hygiene standards for drinking water; 40 percent less plastic usage in pipes; more than 90 percent less plastic usage in fittings; up to 15 percent less energy consumed in production; and 85 percent less electrical energy consumed during installation.

Additionally, there are no hazardous emissions and minimal product waste during installation; and the resultant products require zero maintenance, can be easily stored and transported, are non flammable, and are impermeable to oxygen and light.


With conventional piping designs inside units, known as ‘parallel’ layouts are common which serve each water tap with an individual dead end pipe. This can be disadvantageous.

According to the BS Code, installations should not adversely affect drinking water by stagnation, particularly in high temperatures. Therefore, measures should be taken in the design and installation of cold and hot water systems to prevent the possibility of legionella, through the avoidance of stagnation of water in pipes and tanks.

Many cases of Legionella have been reported in the UAE as a consequence of inadequate preventative measures across design and storage solutions, effecting the control of overall water quality.

SuperPipe’s MLCP ‘loop installation’ solutions prevent this risk by presenting a ‘series’ rather than ‘parallel’ water distribution design which allows water to flow consistently, at all times. Further to health factor, ‘series’ installation is also advantageous both technically and commercially with remarkable efficiency in fitting quantity and installation works.

Resultantly, SuperPipe is honoured to be the first and only MLCP manufacturer and solutions-provider for the highest grade of water supply systems in the UAE and the whole of GCC.

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