Award-Winning Luminaires

Sylvania Lighting will be showcasing its new Concord Beacon Muse II, Concord Gobo Projector. Launched in 2018 and already used in multiple projects including the Shindaga Museum, the product is a track-mounted luminaire that highlights artefacts and artworks either on a stand or a wall.

The Concord Beacon range has impeccable color rendering and quality, adjustable beam angle and color temperature. As such the Concord Concord Beacon Muse Tune II has won awards for combining cutting-edge LED technology and ancient lens principles create a fully adjustable spotlight enabling the end-user to manually adjust the beam from a wide flood (41˚) down to a tight spot (7˚).

Along with colour tuning functionality that allows temperature selection from 6,500K 1,800K, dimming and CCT tune can be controlled manually or via our SylSmart wireless technology. With this amount of control the Beacon Muse Tune II produces a tailor lit effect for any exhibition or gallery display space requirements.

For more information, please email us on [email protected]