Cost-Effective Comfort

ThermaCote invents and develops high technology coating solutions for the protection, insulation and renovation of your supports.

ThermaCote® is a high-performance thermal barrier which incorporates ceramic technology to prevent the transfer of heat or cold and minimise solar and radiant heat gain. It also has corrosion protection and control properties in addition to condensation control.

Its ease of application for new or retrofit construction allows for the performance enhancement of floor insulation, HVAC duct work, wall systems, and roof systems for all types of substrates including metal, brick, cement block, concrete, wood, or sheet rock. ThermaCote® is a superior spray applied reflective thermal barrier which in its simplest definition can be described as an ‘energy saving paint’. It is an anti carbonation coating for concrete and as such it provides the ultimate protection against the ingress of carbon dioxide, oxygen and water, while allowing damp substrates to breathe without blistering.

The product is approved by the European Cool Roof Council and increases the insulation and solar reflection of roofs. Whether for industrial buildings, agricultural, logistics or commercial centers,

ThermaCote reduces your energy bill, while improving the comfort of your occupants. You decrease the heat of buildings in summer and keep it in winter.

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