First-Hand Feedback from Global Industry

Serving regional HVAC and MEP contractors, the company has overcome a series of industry trends to enjoy the advantageous position it is currently in. Delayed or open-ended payment terms, bouncing cheques, absconding parties and products with dubious certifications have all tarnished the industry’s reputation but Unigulf has countered these by enacting stricter vigilance by supervising personnel; both at approval and installation stages of projects.

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Overall Unigulf has been participating for almost 30 years, meeting suppliers, visitors, contractors, consultants and developers from the region and from other parts of world.

Along with showcasing its product range - comprising pre-insulated panels, mechanical/ building insulation, coatings/adhesives, refrigerants, copper pipes/coils, tools and accessories - this year Unigulf will be looking forward to launching a couple of new products; leveraging a chance to interact with people from within the industry to get ‘first-hand’ feedback from them.

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