Looking Ahead to MENA'S Largest Stone-Based Trade Exhibition

Demonstrating its product as the ideal material for the interior design industry. Especially catering for countertop applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall panelling and interior decoration, the focus at this event will be the theme: ‘Inspired by Nature’.

This relates to architects, designers and consumers through unique designs and interior application trends to bring the highest efficiency in both functionality and aesthetics. The event will also offer the opportunity to directly experience the world-class quality of Vicostone products – ‘the art of quartz’ – such as high durability, waterproof, resistance to stain, scratch and heat.

Vicostone is recommended by interior designers and architects, and is considered as a new emerging trend for new buildings and remodelling projects.


Renovations must be made in a smart way and the biggest impact can be achieved with a new countertop: since they are so visible, countertops are a focal point in any home. In particular, quartz countertops meet all of the requirements for a successful remodel.

While natural stone is famous for its beauty, quartz’s durability, variety of colors, and ability to mimic the look of marble, makes it a popular alternative. Moreover, the diversity of quartz designs looks perfectly at home in both contemporary and traditional kitchens, so all customers can find a pattern and color that suits their aesthetic.

Considering the pros and cons of this material, it’s important to point out that quartz offers a number of appealing benefits, such as no long-term maintenance, a smooth surface that won’t harbor bacteria, and scratch- and stain-resistance.


With the aim to become one of the top global brands in quartz surfaces, the Middle East is expected to be a high-potential market for Vicostone quartz products. The company’s strategy to develop business in this market involves providing world-class quality products and services, regularly introducing new designs to the market, and riding the wave of growth as demand for these products increases.

We hope to approach new potential partners who share common objectives and values in this industry.

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