Hitachi launches new escalator series for MEA

August 22, 2017

undefinedHitachi and Hitachi Building Systems Company have announced the launch of the new TX Series escalator for the Middle East, Asia and India.

The new series follows the same concept for the machine room-less elevator for Asia and the Middle East, which was launched in September 2016.

The escalator will be manufactured in accordance with Hitachi’s own strict standards of safety and quality, also adhering to global safety standards. It also adopts a functional design based on the concept of an escalator that fits closely with the unconscious actions of users, in the pursuit of their ease and comfort.

Space required for the installation of these escalators are also reduced, covering a smaller area in comparison with existing products.

Various other new safety features have also been designed with optimal user safety in mind. The side portions of the steps are 8 mm higher than the central portion to prevent accidents in which a users’ shoe can become caught between the step and the skirt (side wall) of the escalator.

The new TX series has also been fitted with brushes located at foot level on the left and right skirts to let users know if their foot comes into contact with the side walls. A special finish has also been adopted for the landing plates at the entry and exit points of the escalator to prevent users from slipping when getting on and off the escalator.

The product adopts a simple and functional design that offers the smoothness, safety and comfort that users unconsciously expect to experience when riding an escalator.

For example, by minimising the size of the metal frame supporting the escalator’s balustrades, the new design maximises the size of the glass surfaces, and achieves greater simplicity at the entrance and exit points (landings) by reducing the number of recesses and protrusions around the hand rail.

Additionally, by expanding the installation space of the light fixture, the TX Series also enables enhanced lighting options for illuminating the entire surroundings of the balustrades.

By shortening the span dimensions by 150 mm, the TX Series has made it possible to install escalators in more confined spaces where installation presents difficulties with conventional product designs.


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