Generators of green electricity

December 18, 2017

undefinedHong Kong-based SunMan recently showcased eArche, a technology that “turns the building skin into green electricity generators” for the MENA market. 

eArche products are developed by a patented technology and have several unique features.

There are four types of commonly-used eArche products which are ulta-light. While conventional panels with a wind load of 2,400 Pa weigh between 22 and 27 kgs, eArche panels weigh just 7.4kg.

They offer flexible designs, adding aesthetics to a building structure. The installation process of these panels is easy as is their transportation.

eArche can be deployed across a broad range of solar applications. They have an advantage of high output power similar to conventional crystalline silicon modules, and are as flexible as thin‐film modules. These panels can withstand extreme winds (2400 Pascal).

SunMan has developed new patented materials and encapsulation processes to fulfil these features.

The qualified materials and stringent quality control ensure a robust durability of the products, which are certified to IEC61215 standard. SunMan has earned a good reputation with its portfolio of projects spanning across nations including Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia.

eArche was showcased to the regional market at The Big 5 2017 that took place in Dubai in November. The company believes that eArche has the potential to dramatically change the way solar is deployed in the market.

SunMan is registered in Hong Kong with a subordinate R&D branch in Qingpu District, Shanghai City.

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