Minimal Windows by Keller AG

November 17, 2017

undefinedLarge fixed and sliding windows from KELLER AG feature a minimalistic design that creates large, light-flooded living spaces. Only the slender 21 or 26/34 mm leaf profiles are visible on the windows, while a glass proportion of up to 98% guarantees unhindered incidence of light.

The products also come with sliding systems with up to four tracks that can be realised in combination with fixed lights. Unlimited combinations of sliding and fixed leaf elements are also possible with this product. They come with a first-class energy balance and burglar resistance up to RC 2. High modularity, pivot doors and curved sliding elements are also features of this product.

The design of minimal windows vision makes innovative angular geometries possible with an angle range from 65° to 177° for the open inner and outer corners without corner posts – a unique selling point in the market. The common 90° shaping for large corner sliding elements is largely expanded.

With minimal windows vision the frameless sliding window impresses with its configuration options and connection variability. Alongside the right-angled and linear configurations, architects, planners and owners now have polygonal corner sliding constructions at their disposal with both acute and obtuse angles for large, telescopically-opening variants.

According to the individual system configuration, concealed electric drives and locks can be used to increase operating comfort. This allows the telescopic-opening of wide expanses of window facades.


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