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November 05, 2017

What will DAB Water Technology be showcasing at The Big 5 this year?

We will introduce a selection of our wide range, focusing on those products that we believe are of particular interest for the Middle East market. Our presence at this renowned international event is aimed at confirming DAB Pumps as a strong partner for professionals in the sector and emphasising their important role in their markets of reference.

The spotlight will be on the jewels in the crown of our range, among which are e.swim, the electronic swimming pool pump, e.syline, the water pressurisation range, and D.Connect, a technology soon to be launched for the remote control of systems fitted with DAB electronics, and which will soon be integrated into our latest generation products.

Do you plan a new launch at the show this year?

D.Connect will be the real star of our stand, together with all our inverter products. It was designed to make installation, control and maintenance activities more efficient and practical, with advantages for all those involved, from the installer to the end user. The speediness of an app and a dedicated site will provide remote interaction for the real time modification and monitoring of the behaviour of connected products. This is a ready-to use technology, which does not require investments in infrastructure and sets itself apart through the extreme simplicity of its configuration and use. 

What makes these products attractive to buyers in this region?

undefinedDAB products are well known for their high level of innovation and for being extremely user friendly. But most of all, they are energy saving, in line with our interest in sustainability and our strong awareness of the environmental impact of our solutions. Our commitment to safeguard and respect the environment is consistent with the current transformation of Dubai, and the Middle East in general, towards green technology. For this reason, we believe our offer is compatible with this transformation but most of all that it will be the object of great interest in this developing market.

What makes the manufacturing process of these products special?

It certainly represents a tangible application of the lean manufacturing concept, which safeguards and guarantees the absolute quality of the products that we launch on the market.

What gives your products the edge over your competitors?

DAB Pumps offers products entirely designed, produced and realised within the company. Our technology is stand-alone and this is our strength and our pride.

Are there any special features about the products that make them particularly appropriate for the Middle East climate, conditions or market?

Undoubtedly e.swim, our high energy efficiency electronic swimming pool pump that guarantees consumption levels 90% lower than traditional pumps. Being liquid cooled, the high temperatures typical of the Middle East are not a critical issue for the operation of this product. Let us also not forget e.syline, our integrated pressurisation system for domestic and residential environments, particularly suited to ensure the comfort of the more modern and state of the art homes.

What are you hoping to achieve at The Big 5 this year?

With our participation at The Big 5, we want to present to the Middle East market our fully Made in Italy solutions and technologies. We are happy and proud to return to Dubai also this year, to confirm our international role and identify new opportunities for growth. The Big 5 is an unmissable event, to meet our local customers and partners and establish new business relations in the sector.

DAB Water Technology will exhibit at The Big 5 in Dubai which runs from November 26-29, 2017. 

Stand No.: 1C27


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