Steeled for Success

November 05, 2017

At this year’s Big 5, Emirates Steel will exhibit its full range of steel products used in the construction sector, including rebar, rebar in coil, wire rod, heavy sections and sheet piles. The company will also demonstrate its efforts to transform itself into a total steel solutions provider with further focus on high value steel products and service quality in addition to its initiatives related to environmental footprint and safety for workers and customers.

undefinedThe UAE construction market continues to be one of the most vibrant in the GCC with the best contractors and fabricators from the region and the world operating here and utilizing high technology methods and materials. Spending on construction and infrastructure projects in the UAE in the past few years has resulted in an increase in the country’s steel production capacity.

Emirates Steel has maintained its position in the UAE domestic market through a policy of developing long-term supply contracts for finished steel products to meet customer needs. The company is well positioned geographically and strategically to be the region’s major supplier of steel to construction, oil & gas, petrochemical and infrastructure projects.

Furthermore, the firm has supplied steel for some of the most iconic projects in the region, including Abu Dhabi International Airport Expansion, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), Al Saadiyat Island Projects, Burj Khalifa, the Palm Dubai, Dubai Marina, Emirates Palace Hotel among others.

Its product portfolio is divided into two main categories, the heavy section category and the rebar and wire rods category. The heavy section category of products includes the range of medium, heavy and jumbo sections, which are long steel products used in the construction sector and also in the production of structures for industrial and engineering applications.

In the UAE, the industrial followed by non-residential construction sectors are dominant sources of demand for such products, including high tech offices, hotels and lower technology warehouse structures. This range of sections are also used in many other structures for the oil & gas offshore and onshore platforms, and other electrical transmission and petrochemical industries.

The company’s rebar is regarded as a premium quality product due to the sourcing of premium quality iron ore, the state of the art assets used in the manufacturing process and the implementation of internal quality control procedures. Moreover, in 2012 it was awarded a Quality System Certificate (QSC) as a Material Organization (MO) from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the manufacture of rebar. The company has become the fourth manufacturer of nuclear quality rebars worldwide and the first in the GCC.

Emirates Steel says The Big 5 has proved to be an excellent venue to boost collaboration with partners within the construction sector. Being part of the exhibition has helped it deepen its understanding of client requirements, solidify strategic partnerships, and network with international experts to enhance access to the market.

The company has adopted a comprehensive and ambitious strategic business development plan to solidify its market position and diversify its product range so as to serve the industrial and manufacturing sectors according to the highest standards of quality.

To achieve this, it has been working towards moving to more mature business models and responsible partnerships considering the anticipated growth in demand for sustainable steel products locally and regionally. It aims to move from transactional sales into partnerships and further invest in producing value-added products where the market is more controlled by performance instead of just price. It has already started developing steel products to supply regional needs that were previously met through imports.

Emirates Steel will exhibit at The Big 5 in Dubai which runs from November 26-29, 2017. 

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