Firestopping made easier with new tapes from 3M

October 23, 2017

undefined3M has developed a new tape as a revolutionary extension to the products currently available in the firestopping industry.

The 3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape (FWBT), a first of its kind, contains self-adhered membranes that provide a tough, elastomeric seal.

The FWBT is engineered with a pressure sensitive adhesive that sticks to a wide variety of construction substrates, including damp surfaces, at both high and low temperatures.

Each tape is designed for specialised functionality and application. 3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape is ideal for sealing perimetre joints (curtain wall joints) and other construction joints, as well as selected through penetration applications.

3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape has also been engineered to prevent the transmission of smoke and sound.

They are recommended for areas that require both fire protection with the added feature of watertight seal.

“3M knows tape, so adding these products to our firestop portfolio was a natural progression,” said Paul Fannin, 3M technical service engineer.

“The industry has never seen tapes like these before, and we know that the addition of tape will give building contractors a more efficient and reliable way to firestop."

As with all 3M firestop products, the new tape meet ASTM and NFPA requirements. They also satisfy all requirements for water, smoke and sound, keeping the project up-to-code and tightly sealed.

3M Fire and Water Barrier Tape is available in sizes starting with 2 inches (51 mm) all the way to 12 inches (303 mm) width and 75 feet (22.8 m) length, this is to cover a wide range of site applications.

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