Honeywell introduces new features on building app

April 09, 2018

Honeywell has introduced new features to its building app giving building occupants more control over their living quarters.

Most significant in the new capabilities in Honeywell Vector Occupant App is its indoor navigation, which uses GPS-like technology to help users find their way around complex buildings.

In addition, the app also now includes a location-based feature to rate spaces, allowing those within a building to highlight comfort issues to building staff for quick resolution.

Both features combine the convenience of today’s mobile devices with Internet of Things (IoT) building connectivity to help improve a user’s experience inside a building.

“Honeywell is a key enabler of smart buildings and smart cities, and we are committed to equipping owners, operators and facility managers with advanced technologies to make their buildings more connected,” said Paolo Cervini, president, Honeywell Building Solutions, Middle East, Russia, Turkey and Africa. 

“Smartphone usage in the Middle East is rising, with many countries here reporting some of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world.

“Using the Honeywell Vector Occupant App will allow occupants across the region to shape their building experiences from their smartphones in unique and innovative ways.

“We’re adding more features to deepen the connections between occupants and the spaces around them so they can be as comfortable as possible, and can more easily and efficiently move about in a building,” Cervini added.


Indoor Navigation

Enabled by strategic partner Insiteo’s indoor location solution for smart buildings, this feature offers accurate indoor location, mapping, routing, presence, proximity notifications and analytics — all embedded into an integrated platform.

Backed by location technology installed within a facility and software, the app’s indoor navigation provides easy-to-use wayfinding, with turn-by-turn voice assistance and location accuracy up to five feet.

The app promotes better collaboration and improved safety via its “share my location” feature, which gives users a way to more easily find each other in a building.

For building owners and managers, in addition to promoting occupant satisfaction, the app also provides insights into foot traffic patterns, which building personnel can use to better inform measures like messaging placement to better serve their occupants.


Location-Based Space Rating

The rating feature builds on the app’s original one-click hot/cold call capability, which lets users raise comfort issues with building personnel for resolution.

Building owners and managers can view ratings and feedback on dashboards to pinpoint where building spaces need attention and improvements.

They can also visualise longer-term trends and space rankings to uncover patterns and improvement opportunities to promote occupant comfort, satisfaction and productivity.


Vector Occupant App Capabilities

The new capabilities build on the Honeywell Vector Occupant App’s base functionality, which includes digital identification, mobile access control and the ability to communicate temperature discomfort to prompt adjustments by facility teams.

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