NFT wins megaproject by Samsung

February 12, 2018

undefinedAbu Dhabi-based NFT has been awarded a contract by Samsung for the supply of 30 tower cranes for a factory project in South Korea.

This is the largest order placed, all at one given time, for a single project in the company’s history, NFT said in a statement.

The cranes will be supplied in six months to the Samsung Electronic Factory, where a total of 51 tower cranes will be erected to lift heavy steel structures of around 28 tonnes.

As per the contract, NFT will supply 20 MR 608s and 10 CTL 630 with final heights at 150m.

The giant luffers, lifting 32 tonnes, will be working for 14 months on a rental basis.

NFT started delivery in January, and will continue until June this year.

The contract also includes full service and after-sale support by NFT’s local partner.

The crane company has a current stock of 2,000 tower cranes across 20 depots worldwide.

“Every year we forecast what tower cranes the market will be needed while working with manufacturer’s production schedules so that when there is demand, we are ready immediately,” said CEO Nabil Al Zahlawi.

The company currently has several mega projects in South Korea, including the supply of 32 tower cranes to help build LG’s display factory.

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