Samsung launches world’s first wind-free air conditioner

January 15, 2018

undefinedundefinedSamsung Gulf Electronics unveiled its first “Wind-Free™” wall-mounted air-conditioner during the HVACR Expo currently taking place in Jeddah.

A first of its kind, designed for Saudi climate, the product has integrated Samsung’s exclusive Wind-Free™ Cooling technology into its design.

“Consumers will love the cool, efficient air conditioning capabilities of the Wind-Free™ Air-conditioner in their living & working spaces,” said Ismail Yoon, managing director at Samsung Gulf Electronics KSA.

“And they will really love that they no longer have to deal with uncomfortable, cold air, as well as reduced electricity bills.”

Room temperature can be maintained using Wind-Free™ Cooling to gently disperse cold air through 21,000 micro air holes.

“A two-steps cooling system which first lowers temperature in “Fast Cooling Mode” and then automatically switches to “Wind-Free™ Cooling Mode” creating still air once the desired temperature is reached.

This approach can also reduce energy consumption by up to 72%.

Using Samsung’s new Digital Inverter 8-Pole with POWERboost technology™, the compressor’s motor generates fewer torque fluctuations – reducing the overall energy required and shortening the time needed for the compressor to reach its maximum rotation speed.

The Wind-Free™ Air-conditioner is also Wi-Fi-enabled so it can be controlled from anywhere through Samsung’s Smart Home app.

Users can remotely regulate temperature, adjust settings, receive real time updates about performance and daily energy usage, as well as troubleshoot solutions when a repair is needed.

Samsung Gulf Electronics also unveiled the Wind-Free One-Way & Four-Way Cassette air-conditioners

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