FAMCO launches Volvo Trucks with advanced features

March 14, 2018

undefinedAl-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Company (FAMCO) has launched a range of Volvo Trucks with advanced safety features in the UAE.

The new product is designed to enhance the safety of truck drivers as well as work productivity.

Vladimir Knezevic, managing director of FAMCO UAE, said: “The Safety Edition Volvo FH truck with safety features was built with one thing in mind: The driver.

”The truck contains numerous world’s first innovations which will assist in safe driving, fast loading and fatigue reduction, thus increases productivity.”

The Safety Edition Volvo FH truck comes with the following advanced safety features:

undefinedA Headway Support System will alerts the driver at the risk of collision with the vehicle ahead.

Volvo Trucks Lane Change Support is a radar system designed to aid drivers and prevent accidents, whereas the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) reduces the risk of skidding and rolling over.

Lane Keeping Support will assist staying focussed and within lane during long-haul transportation. An extension of this is Driver Alert Support which monitors driver behaviour and steering wheel movements.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System makes it possible for the driver to supervise the tyre pressure through the driver information display, while the Volvo Dynamic Steering is an active system that reduces steering force up to 85%.


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