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May 31, 2018

Manufacturers of construction products are often governed by the standards and codes that are applicable to the packages in which their materials are targeted. Innovation, value engineering and focused marketing are often used to differentiate the products of competing companies. But still those standards and codes dictate what can be offered to the construction trade.

Would the removal of construction standards make the manufacturer’s aim of being the pre-eminent supplier in their field a more simple task? From our experience at HOPPE with our SecuSan® antimicrobial protective surface finish, I would suggest not.

undefinedAntimicrobial surface coatings offer protection against bacterial and fungal contamination be they airborne or direct contact deposition. Transmission of the microbiological contaminants may then be further carried by human contact with an infected surface.

It has been said that touching a door lever handle is like shaking hands with thousands of people you have never met. So you would think such an important health-aiding product is covered by a multitude of standards and codes. But sadly this is not the case. Antimicrobial coatings can be sourced in aerosols, paint additives as well as complex designed application processes all with varying degrees of success and durability. But how can trade professionals determine what products they should be considering? Well, quite simply. The reputation and integrity of the manufacturer and their products should be examined hard before selecting the required applied antimicrobial process.

At HOPPE the lack of governing codes is considered an inconvenience and no more. Whilst not being first in the market with an antimicrobial coating applied to door hardware, we took time to review, test and question available materials and application systems until a developed programme was conceived to meet the demands and expectations of both our customers and the HOPPE company.

SecuSan® is an extremely durable product where silver ions (which destroy individual microscopic cells on contact preventing them from reproducing) are suspended in a transparent ceramic slurry which is then applied within our own factories to HOPPE hardware.

Being an in-house process we are in total control to ensure uniformity of product and quality control. Once installed on the door or window no further end-user input is required and the SecuSan® product will continue to work silently and diligently over many years. With no prevailing standards to be measured against the following layman descriptions will give an indication of the effectiveness of the HOPPE SecuSan® programme: Within 5 minutes of last being operated a SecuSan® protected handle has killed 50-60% (according to the specific bacteria) of the microbiological body that was deposited from its last use. 

Within a 24 hour period a reduction in microbiological growth of more than 99% can be expected.

To the performance of the HOPPE SecuSan® coated door handles we also add an extensive portfolio of designs in both stainless steel and aluminium along with the HOPPE 10- year manufacturing defect warranty on products that carry the HOPPE brand.

Excellence assured.

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