New report offers insight into Saudi's booming construction sector and the companies that lead it

December 15 , 2014
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undefinedA new report by Ventures Middle East takes a look at the key players in the Saudi Arabian construction sector with focus in three areas:  

Project Owners 

Architects / Consultants 

Main Contractors 


The report, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Construction Sector, Key Players does not give project values, but offers a useful insight into the companies and projects, which are shaping this fast-developing country. And the report is available to download free of charge to TheBig5Hub readers.

As the largest country in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Middle East region in terms of geographical area, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), holds a domineering position both in terms of global oil reserves and policy and political will across the region. The Kingdom has made a tremendous leap over the past decade from an oil dependent economy to a diversified one, purely backed by a stable government and vast government spending on economic development and diversification.

Shielded by strong oil reserves KSA has launched a number of mega projects across sectors and governorates while demand remains buoyant across its domestic economy that comprises one of the fastest growing population of young people in the region. However, though huge investments have been made toward diversification, the economy continues to primarily fall back on its oil base that comprises 90 percent of the government revenues and its resultant surpluses, to sustain its growth model.

With mature oil fields and fast depleting hydrocarbon reserves, the economy has thus been prone to fluctuations in global oil prices, which, till date however, have acted in its favour bolstering its budgetary expansion programmes.

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