Ventures Middle East: KSA - Major Projects (Building and Infrastructure)

November 25 , 2014
Saudi Report.jpg

Saudi Arabia is undergoing one of the biggest construction booms in the world and it leads the region with investment in new projects.

A new report looks at the investment and assesses the current position with all of the country's major projects.

The largest is the mighty King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) where more than $100 billion will be spend during the life of the 18-year project, which began in 2007.

It covers 55 million square metres and boasts 35km of beachfront in the Makkah Province between Jeddah anmd Rabigh in the west of the country. It has a huge seaport, 8m sqm industrial district and a new town for thousands of people.

The report also looks at Jeddah Kingdom City, started two years ago and set to cost $27 billion upon completion in 2023.

The report is available free to download. Fill in the form on the right.