Evolution of the smart city

Nicole Dsouza |
June 05 , 2016

undefinedWith an urban population of four million that is expected to keep growing, Dubai is adopting new methods to implement sustainable reforms and smart city management practices.

The region is among the world’s most urban areas, with 93% of its citizens expected to live in cities by 2050, according to the United Nations. Dubai aims to make innovation accessible to citizens and businesses in a mutually beneficial setting and explore the implications of new technologies and connectivity.

Global research firm Frost and Sullivan has said that urbanisation, geo-socialisation, connectivity and convergence, infrastructure and power will be the key factors driving the Middle East and North African economies by 2025. Frost and Sullivan said: “About 65.4% of the total population (483.5mn) in the MENA region would be living in urban areas by 2025. Countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Qatar will witness urbanisation rates of over 90%.


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