August 22 , 2017

Dubai government is pursuing an urban development plan to be the happiest city by efficiently managing the city’s assets such as transportation networks, ICT infrastructure and energy management systems.

A citywide transformation through the buildup of the ICT infrastructure, open data laws, traffic management systems and smart energy grids will improve the efficiency of government operations and the way in which city officials interact with the community. The Dubai government has created a roadmap that puts forward 545 smart initiatives and services covering eight government entities and two smart Smart City Plan districts. Most of the smart initiatives and services target the economy and governance dimensions of smart city planning.

The Dubai government is embracing technology to transform all aspects of the city. The strategy includes an $8bn investment in infrastructure to support smart initiatives and services that impact the pillars of living, people, economy, mobility, governance and environment. There are two waves of initiatives aimed at transforming Dubai into a smart city. 

The first wave of initiatives will enable a smart city by supporting the Smart Governance, Smart ICT infrastructure, and Smart Mobility dimensions, and will form the framework for future initiatives and services. The second wave of initiatives will be delivered between mid-2016 and late-2017, and will support the government’s ambitious plan to be a global leader in the Smart Economy and Smart Living dimensions.


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