Surging growth in Dubai's HVAC market

July 31 , 2017

undefinedundefinedThe heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) market in Dubai has been witnessing a steady growth over the past few years due to a high volume of construction activities.

This growth is directly proportional to the demand for HVAC equipment and systems, being a part of the complete construction package that comprises of civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) works.

Furthermore, advancements in the cooling system technology are reducing building maintenance costs and provide green energy solutions that comply with Dubai’s construction standards, a solution to the high energy consumption due to the region’s warm climate.

The report offers an overview of the HVAC market by first studying stage-wise construction activities and the main project types to understand the growth potential and drivers for HVAC equipment and systems.

Highlights of this report are:

  • Dubai maintains a highly active portfolio of construction projects, which have been driving the demand for HVAC products.
  • Commercial and residential buildings constitute almost 70% of the total number of projects with HVAC applications in Dubai.
  • There is an estimated $59bn worth of project investments in Dubai with HVAC applications in the early stages of construction indicating a steady flow through of funding to generate new demand in the future.
  • The total estimated HVAC spend on construction projects in Dubai is approximately $1.5bn and is growing in line with the values of contracts awarded in the urban construction sector.
  • Dubai Government has enforced building specifications and smart city initiatives, which promote efficient energy units.
  • Energy efficient cooling technologies require less power consumption and translate into direct cost savings on maintenance and utility bills while improving the overall environmental footprint. The shift towards energy efficient cooling technologies is gaining importance in the secondary market as more residential and commercial properties begin switching to district cooling systems.


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