Practicality & sustainability will help develop Dubai’s future

August 06, 2017

undefinedReducing a building’s energy consumption and emissions by furthering technological advancements in design, materials and construction techniques are vital to developing Dubai’s future buildings, according to says Tariq Khayyat, Head of Region – Middle East for ZHA.

“One of ZHA’s current projects in the region, the Bee’ah Headquarters in Sharjah has environmental considerations woven into every aspect of its design. We’ve created a design in response to the natural environment, minimising energy and resource consumption,” he says.

“By marrying innovative digital design with ecological sound materials and sustainable construction practices, ZHA does not look at the disparate parts, but works to understand them as a whole; delivering practical solutions to the defining challenges of our era,” adds Khayyat, speaking ahead of a presentation he will give at the Cityscape Global exhibition taking place next month.

The values of executing sustainable practices in building design and architecture are echoed by Carlos Ott, founder of Carlos Ott Architects. “In my practice we have been designing sustainable projects for years, starting with projects in Canada and Germany and now all over the world, including in the MENA region.

“Today, with access to new and more sophisticated materials, technology and population growth and aspirations, I expect an even faster and deeper change internationally. For example, the substitution of fossil fuels by sustainable ones will force us to re-think our strategies and solutions.” 

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