Energy-efficient multi-comfort house for the UAE

February 20, 2017

undefinedThe Saint-Gobain Multi-Comfort House is a low-energy consuming and positive-energy house which means it is designed to produce more energy than it consumes through the use of high-performance materials and construction methods.

The house, expected to be complete by 2019, will receive comfortable living across four dimensions - light, air quality, acoustics and thermal conditions. 

Saint-Gobain first developed the concept of Multi-Comfort construction in 2004. It covers all aspects of comfortable home living and of occupying tertiary buildings such as offices, shops and public buildings. In total, 18 Multi-Comfort houses have been built around the world.

The Multi-Comfort house in Masdar City will be the first in the Middle East and will be fully adapted to the arid conditions of this region. 

The collaboration between Masdar and Saint-Gobain follows a busy year of construction activity at Masdar City, which saw agreements for around 400,000 sq m of new real estate either signed or approved, including the recent launch of Masdar City’s Eco-Villa prototype, a pilot project incorporating water and energy-saving technologies.

Currently, more than 900,000 sq m of gross floor area (GFA) in Masdar City are either complete, under construction or have a firm development agreement in place. This will include private homes, schools, hotels and more office space.

Masdar City is also targeting a 4 Pearl Estidama rating for the design and construction of its community infrastructure; specifically, the roads, utilities and public spaces that make up the development. 

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed in Masdar City by Mohammad Jameel Al Ramahi, Chief Executive Officer of Masdar and Hady Nassif, General Delegate of Saint-Gobain in the Middle East.

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