Augmented Reality: A Powerful Ally in Construction

November 05, 2017

Knowing the real maintenance condition of an asset using a simple app will ease decision making for anyone interested in renting, buying or insuring an asset, says Camilo Jiménez Peña, project manager at AECOM.

What is the benefit of mixing technologies in the Design-Build-Finance-Operation model?

We started developing this project due to the gaps in the use of technology that we found in the market. There is a great use of technology in the Design, Build and even in the Finance stage of a project. However, in the Operation of an asset there is still a lot to do to technologically strengthen this stage and get the most out of it.

By combining different technologies, we will ease the access to observations and measurements, O&M data and make it more intuitive, accurate and easy to update. The data will be available in situ and to everyone without the need of special or expensive gadgets or tools.

How does augmented reality play a role in asset reliability certification?

undefinedOur project is based on simplifying access to the data behind each element, device or fixture. Just imagine being able to explore the conditions of maintenance of each critical or important element in situ instead of needing to go through lengthy data sheets, complex dashboards or unclear 3D screenshots, needing to figure out the location and condition of every device or fixture installed in the asset. 

Knowing the real maintenance condition of an asset using a simple app will ease decision making for anyone interested in renting, buying or insuring an asset. We firmly believe that AR7 will be a game changer as it will not need expensive equipment to be deployed nor additional elements installed in the building to know its condition.

How can infrastructure owners safe-keep their digital assets?

AR7 has been developed as a tool that supports ARC (Asset Reliability Certification); a subscription service created to warrant the monitoring and update of the data initially scanned. This information will be stored in a cloud based service that AECOM will offer in partnership with recognised providers. In this way, the information will be safely stored as well as always available to all authorised users, everywhere and at all times.

Will you be presenting any case studies during your Talk?

The App is currently in mock-up stage.  The model developed (which is not fully functional yet) scans some fixtures and devices of AECOM's Madrid office. In the presentation there will be a video showing the mock up in action. Additionally, we have been working in the business case of the App and we have studied the cost of its implementation in a building of 10,000sqm.  I will share in my presentation some of the important figures obtained during this study.      

What will be your key focal point?

The key focal point of my presentation will be to showcase the app we are currently developing to an audience of potential users or parties interested in obtaining data from it so that we can gauge their interest in the product and perhaps gain access to a real project that we could use as a pilot to further develop the App to its final stage.

How do you plan to engage with your audience?

We believe AR7 could change the way we manage the assets as well as the building market itself.  To engage with the audience I will start the presentation with 3 examples of minor changes that have meant a great advance in the industry, I will then connect this idea to my dream of revolutionising the O&M industry with AR7.

Who will benefit the most by attending your Talk?

Apart from anyone who is interested in technology and new trends in our industry, this talk will benefit Facility Managers as well as real estate businessmen since AR7 is not just an O&M app but a powerful tool to make informed decisions in the real estate market.

Camilo Jiménez Peña, project manager at AECOM, will talk about new technologies in the Design-Build-Finance-Operation construction model during a session at the Technology Talks at The Big 5 in Dubai later this month.

Technology Talks

SESSION: "AR7: BIM 7D + AR for Facility Management”

TIME: 12:30 - 13:30

DATE: 29 November 2017 - Day 4

LOCATION: Za’abeel Hall 6

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