Time Hotels deploys SGE UAE's engineering software

September 19, 2017

undefinedTime Hotels has partnered with SGE UAE to introduce 'Aladdin', a new software designed to restructure engineering, control and manage maintenance across its GCC properties.

The engineering solution tracks all work done throughout the hotel portfolio and helps dedicate manpower and resources, advising on maintenance deadlines.

It also checks electricity and water consumption, raising a warning if readings go beyond predetermined parametres or settings.

“Time Hotels continues to grow at a remarkable pace and it is absolutely vital that we keep abreast of any maintenance issues that arise across our portfolio.

“In 'Aladdin', we have found a software system capable of controlling all the daily basic internal and external requests, tagging and keeping a strong focus on the lifecycle of our properties. We are also now able to determine the most sustainable and cost-effective way to run our properties,” said Time Hotels corporate director of Technical Services Gaetan Lavoie.

“In the hotel industry, we need to remain competitive and that includes reducing costs whenever possible. I will be connected to each property from our head office or when I’m travelling, with access to the full operation in real time,” explains Lavoie

Previously, the company had managed its engineering and maintenance processes on a paper-based system or a spreadsheet.

Using the new system companies will have access to different properties as well as make use of analysis and comparison between buildings, say Time Hotels CEO Mohamed Awadalla, CEO.

“Being Green Key certified, we are always looking at ways of improving the environmental aspects of our operations. Conserving electricity and water are the foundations of running a sustainable operation,” added Awadalla.

Although recently launched in the Middle East, the team at Aladdin brings more than 20 years’ experience in the software industry.

Time Hotels portfolio include Time Grand Plaza, Time Oak Hotel and Suites, Time Opal, Time Crystal, Time Topaz and Oak Villas & Residence Suites, as well as new openings.

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